Jade Statue Beta PLD-SP Artifact Uncommon MAGIC MTG CARD (ID) ABUGames
Carrera Curve 2 30° (6) -CA20572
Jc Wings Jcw72p51002 1 72 P - 51d Mustang Lt Col J. C.Meyer 487th Fs352nd Fg.

Minicar Testarossa Red Ferrari Mattel poouuo6051-Price Guides & Publications

Yu-Gi-Oh Force of Breaker Eradicator Epidemic Virus Secret Rare (FOTB-EN068) LP

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Minicar Mattel Ferrari Testarossa Red
Gundam MG 1 100 RX-77-2 cancer Cannon Mobile Suit Gundam

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Daron Skymarks Frontier 1 150 with Sharklets Grizwald The Bear Vehicle
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Jfox Models 1 200 AIRBUS A320 Airasia 9m-ahr 'Linea Friends' (con Supporto)
TAKOM TAK2113 Plastic Construction Kit for M60A1 Unpainted Grey

Minicar Testarossa Red Ferrari Mattel poouuo6051-Price Guides & Publications

Foil Timesifter - Mirrodin X4 MTG
Hogan 500 ANA All Nippon Airways B777-200 1990s color NG EXCLUSIVE FOR JAPAN

Minicar Testarossa Red Ferrari Mattel poouuo6051-Price Guides & Publications

"When I first came to Columbus I had few professional connections. Since joining the AMA, I have grown my professional network, discovered new employment opportunities, and generated new sales leads. I have also gained important industry knowledge through the AMA Luncheon events that have both challenged and expanded my understanding of best marketing practices. I can say with confidence that becoming member of the AMA has been one of the greatest professional investments I have made in my career."

Camille Schwartz
Account Manager (Origo Branding)

As a volunteer and member of AMA Columbus, it has been an amazing experience. Since joining, I am able to access resources and gain professional connections that have enriched my understanding of the marketing field. From luncheons to Firsty Thursdays, each event provides an opportunity for growth and development. From the very beginning of my volunteer experience, I have been supported and encouraged to take on new challenges. I highly recommend joining especially if you are looking to learn the skills necessary to make your next career move.

Jynx Gresser

I joined AMA at the beginning of 2016, hoping to meet other marketing professionals and be part of Columbus’ network of resources. My hope has proven to be true. Already, I'm helping as a volunteer and have met a number of other professionals with similar interests. AMA’s people and its programming are invaluable. I've attended great luncheons with topics that directly relate to my work. Being able to hear leaders in Video and Digital Strategies enhances my abilities and knowledge as a young marketing professional.

Lynsey Harris
Content and Digital Engagement Coordinator, The Columbus Foundation