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Create plan to reach the right people with clear, measurable goals

Inspirational, engaging presentation on variety of topics including health care technology and social media strategySchleich North America Fierce Dinosaur Set

S.H.Figuarts Kirakira Precure La Mode Cure Vanillepudding & Gelato Set Figur
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Team training on topics like using LinkedIn strategically to planning for a new initiative or program. Confidential social media coaching for executivesSchleich North America Saddle Bronc Riding with Cowboy Playset

How I Can Help

Schleich Oracle (Bayala) RETIRED (1 of 2)Using my personal and professional experiences, I speak at local, regional and national conferences about the vital role healthcare technology and patient portals play in empowering patients and families and improving outcomes.

With 25 years of marketing, communications,Schleich Puppy Bernese Mountain Dog publishing, customer service, and management experience, I leverage social media, web technology, and e-commerce to achieve your goals.

I offer private or group coaching and training in social media, assessing current organizational needs and developing strategic plans with measurable outcomes. SCHLEICH SAFARI LOT 24 Elephant Zebra Tigers Polar bears dog Giraffe dinosaurI help nonprofits, associations, entrepreneurs, and small to medium sized businesses articulate and plan how to execute your goals.

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An effective, supportive network can serve as your own personal advisory council and see you through life’s twists and turns.Schleich Tiger. Shipping is Free While it can be tempting to reserve networking for job hunting, nurturing your network on an Read more…

S.H.Figuarts Kirakira La Mode Cure Vanillepudding & Gelato Set Figur Precure narvjc727-Anime & Manga